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‘Never doubt yourself if someone else thinks you can do the job.’

Leadership skill is not related to age, title, authority, or natural-born characteristics, yet high potential women recognize the inherent power of their influence in their quest to become known as a leader to others.​

The key to visibility and opportunity is in the connections you make and the reputation you build. Ambition and drive will only get you so far. You will need to develop next-level skills and a smart strategy that will exemplify your ability to lead.

This 90 Day, one on one program will identify goals, grow needed skills and create an action plan to set you up for success.

Participants receive 6 bi-monthly virtual sessions with check-in calls in between and access to ongoing monthly group roundtable discussions with a peer support group. 

Session 1 - What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Session 2 - Perception, Politics and Performance

Session 3 - The Business of Business

Session 4 - Performer vs. Manager

Session 5 - Working Your Net

Session 6 - Everyone Is A Client

Today's challenges can only be met by leaders who are conscious and purpose driven. Our one on one conversations challenge you to see beyond your current capacity, build confidence and define your leadership style.

10 Signs You Are An Emerging Leader

  1. Known as a high performer in your organization.

  2. You show high potential for advancement.

  3. You informally influence others.

  4. You naturally supervise others.

  5. You are open to learning and taking risks.

  6. You have strong people-building skills.

  7. You are centered by your core values.

  8. You see possibilities for a better future state.

  9. You unite others and work well as part of a team.

  10. You have a strong desire to become a leader

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