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I am so happy you are here.  As an experienced entrepreneur, business woman and trusted advisor I am committed to supporting my clients in reaching their personal, professional and corporate goals using “Inspired Influence”. We specialize in Leadership, Teams and Organizational Processes including custom programs for the individual who is looking for transformation as well as companies striving for healthy and profitable corporate cultures.


Through collaborative partnerships and creative initiatives we partner with you to improve performance, accelerate growth, and achieve greater results.  Are you ready?

Angela Highland, CPC


Brief Bio

I am a native Floridian, born and raised in Winter Park, Florida.  I have many “titles” but ultimately, I am a mother, a business woman, a visionary, and lover of life!  For 30+ years I have been climbing the ladder of success growing my leadership skills through a variety of leadership positions working for small companies as well as large corporations. As a 15-year business owner of a start-up subcontracting company in the construction industry, I have used my experience and entrepreneurial spirit to create a successful and proven business model, and in early 2017, I made the decision to sell my company so I can focus full time on my true passion: helping others create their own success.

At my core, I am a creative and love to use my problem solving skills to find solutions that are smart and effective. I specialize in thought leadership, program development, business strategy, brand identity and marketing and I am particularly good at kicking down roadblocks.  No matter what I have set my mind to I have found a way to achieve my goals and I know how to motivate you to do the same. I believe in people and processes as the key to success in any business and I know what it takes to optimize both.

Call to Action Coaching & Consulting is the culmination of my proven experience and my drive to create impactful and powerful results for my clients.  

Jacqueline Boykin,CBC - Consultant & Trainer


Jacqueline Boykin has 20 plus years in building authentic successful relationships by putting the needs of customers first, with a philosophy that customers often judge the quality of the product they are buying by the quality of the service they receive.  In her work with MCI, a fortune 100 company, she successfully engaged business leaders in enhancing their customer experiences and provided team building and corporate training throughout the southeast United States. She has worked directly with sales teams offering insights on best marketing practices and advising them as they build strategies for successful initiatives.  “At the end of the day employers and employees should strive for excellence so their customers should feel good about their experience, leading to positive outcomes for all involved.” 

Her extensive background in the non-profit sector inspired her to create a unique approach to philanthropy promoting corporate social responsibility and the pay-it-forward benefits it can bring to an organization. 

Jacqueline possesses a unique skill in her public speaking talents. She loves a microphone and entertains and inspires through her unique insights and ability to connect with her audience. She is creative, forthright and an out of the box thinker who excels at servant leadership.  She lives in Eustis, Florida with her partner Michael and her beloved dogs Barb and Lover Boy.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Going it alone in the coaching and consulting realm is challenging and not for the faint of heart. To overcome this there are basically two options: Clone yourself to double your impact OR find the best possible partner to expand your efforts who can bring added skills to the table. Call to Action Coaching & Consulting is the brainchild of Angela Highland and was formed in 2017. In 2019 she realized that to be able to help more clients with the most impactful and innovative solutions, she was going to have to get creative. 


Enter Jacqueline Boykin.  

Angela and Jacqueline met in 2015 through connections in their careers in the construction industry and non-profit sectors and quickly discovered that they shared many common interests personally and professionally. A kismet-type friendship was born. 


Through serendipitous timing Jacqueline's career was taking a turn just when Angela was looking to expand.  "If I had to choose one person who would be an ideal partner - Jacqueline would be it. Bringing her on board is a game changer on so many levels and our clients are going to be able to experience a level of service they have never received before."  said Angela.  (#winning)


Separately they bring their own unique experiences and skills to the table but together they are a power house of innovation and fun. Jacqueline says "Angela and I are very collaborative people and we love working together to come up with smart and creative ideas that help us stand out in a very crowded consulting world.  We both have our own specialties and often work with our clients individually, but when we get the opportunity to work together with a client, that just brings an energy that you don't get anywhere else."  (#actiondreamteam)

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