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Since 2012, I have been dedicated to reframing the internal and external narrative on women and leadership. My mission is to inspire, mentor and enable professional women to reclaim their relationship with power and take action through their own brand of leadership. As your coach, I hold space for you to explore yourself and enhance your skills to succeed on your own terms.

Bias and barriers reflect partiality, preference, or prejudice.


Both can be imposed by others, and with some effort, can be overcome. It's understood that this is the status quo for women in the corporate world. It's not acceptable, but we see it for what it is and know what must be done to get past it. It's a tough opposition.


Sometimes, however, we can, and do, inflict this upon ourselves. This creates an internal conflict, which in turn creates reactions from a place of ....yes, you guessed it....FEAR!

Research shows that 64% of women seeking advancement into higher levels of leadership admit that their number one obstacle is fear. We literally stop our own progress because of an internal conversation that has eaten away at our confidence, our voice and even our ambition. To succeed we must to face everything and rise!

The key to leadership success lies in the ability to master your innate emotional intelligence and use it to communicate effectively, inspire action, lead the team, and manage the process.

Hard skills are not enough.

How you behave internally will directly impact how you lead externally.

Leadership Programs

Challenge Your Mindset

The focus of all of my programs is YOUR leadership mindset, assumptions, sense of identity and behaviors. We grow skills where needed, but to achieve high performance you must develop a conscious awareness and focus your clear intention for leadership excellence.


Each engagement is a relationship based in trust and honesty that will open up deeper conversations exploring what drives you internally. With this clarity you can identify and prioritize goals and develop the behaviors you will use externally. This will enhance:


  • Resiliency - the ability to quickly recover from adversity.


  • Authenticity - the quality of being genuine with an integral (spirit, heart, mind, body) approach to work and life.


  • Mindfulness - the practice of paying attention, making conscious choices and valuing stillness and reflection.


  • Vision and Intention - a compelling direction for one's life and work based on self-knowledge and a desire to bring something into being.


  • Legacy - leveraging wisdom gained for a new way of being and working in the world.

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