"I see a world where women in all leadership roles confidently embrace their powerful gifts and bring balance into the world of business with heart, integrity and commitment to serve.

I call on YOU to stand up and stand out."

Angela Highland, CPC

Certified Executive Coach and

Leadership Expert for Women

Activate Your Highest Potential

What is Authentic Feminine Leadership?

Women bring unique and natural talents to the table that are ideally suited for leadership. Unfortunately, some find themselves holding back because we've been told, or we believe, that we don’t belong in the higher offices of business or that we don’t have what it takes. Others ignore their natural instincts or override them with a masculine approach, believing this how you play the game in a traditionally male corporate world. I am here to change the conversation and encourage you to embrace your femininity and adeptly lead with intuition, empathy and collaboration. 

"I work with ambitious women who are focused on advancing their abilities and amplifying their influence through authentic feminine leadership."

Core Areas of Focus

Emerging, Advancing & Executive

Female Leaders

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All Professional Women

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Development for Executive & C-Level Women

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Angela has the ability to listen to what people are saying and take the time to provide thoughtful feedback and ask really good questions that get you thinking. I always walk away from our meetings looking through a new lens and I can feel the difference in the office. If you want to grow in ways you didn't expect, you've come to the right place.


I’ve had the privilege of receiving coaching from Angela. She is the consummate professional, has a keen sense of identifying developmental opportunities to design your own roadmap to a successful career journey.

Angela, you have a winning attitude and are a breath of fresh air. You are warm and open and not afraid to call it like it is. I learn so much through your eyes as they see me. I was able take the time to get to the place where I could see myself and how I use the stories I tell my self that I'm not good enough. Thanks to you, I now know otherwise.  It's make me a more confident leader and I'm grateful.

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